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Bergedorf Genuine

1861 German State, Bergedorf #3, Genuine


(1.) There are 55 linked rings around the perimeter of the central design.
(2.) There is a dot in the ring directly below the second "E" of Bergedorf.
(3.) There is another dot in the ring to the left of the first "L" of schilling.
(4.) There is a distinct ball over the right turret.
(5.) The eight balls outside the linked rings all touch both the rings and the frame.
(6.) The fraction bar in the upper right corner extends to the frame line.
(7.) The eagle's beak does not touch his wing.
(8.) The wide end of the posthorn does not touch the castle above it.
(9.) The one of the fraction in the lower left corner has two serifs projecting from the top instead of only one.
(10.) Exp: do
(11.) Ref: Rev. Earee.

Bergedorf Forgery

no forged stamps found