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Guatemala Genuine

1871 Guatemala Genuine #1a, imperforate


(1.) #1a is imperforate. #1 is perf 14 x 13.5.
(2.) There are 36 white lines, or rays, around the sun.
(3.) The sun is perfectly circular with no smudges or blotches in the line around it.
(4.) The sun has eyes, nose and mouth.
(5.) There are 7 vertical white bars in the upper part of the shield, the first one on the left being shorter than the rest.
(6.) The point of the shield is exactly over the place where the branches below it cross.
(7.) The leaves of the oak branch on the left do not touch the inner oval.
(8.) The olive branch on the right has four sets of three leaves each.
(9.) Exp: do. Notes: do. Ref: Rev. Earee.

Guatemala Forgery

1871, Guatemala #1, Forgery


(1.) This forgery is Perf 12.5. The genuine is perf 14 x 13.5.
(2.) The half vertical bar in the upper part of the shield is on the wrong side. It should be on the left.