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Italian State, Modena

Modena Genuine

1852 Italian State, Modena #1, Genuine


1.) The line under "Cent. 5" does not touch the frame on either side.
(2.) The line under "Poste Estensi"does not touch the frame on the right side.
(3.) The crown has 3 white pearls on each arch.
(4.) The eagle has 3 spreading claws on each foot.
(5.) The outer frame lines are single, but there is a line separating each stamp from its neighbors, which may be seen on a full sheet, or on examples having very wide margins.
(6.) The cross on top of the crown points to the right hand edge of the vertical stroke of the first "E" of Estensi.
(7.) There are 4 long feathers on each of the eagle's wings.
(8.) There is a good space between the bottom of the crown and the top of the eagle's head.
(9.) There is a dark ball in the center of each of the side frames, surrounded by a ring.
(10.) Each ball shows a clear spot in the center.
(11.) Each ring touches the scroll work above and below it.
(12.) Exp:do. Ref: Rev. Earee

1852 Italian State, Modena #1, No gum, Genuine


The notes are all exactly the same as for the stamp above.

Modena Forgery

no forged stamps found