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Italian State, Parma

Parma Genuine

1852 Italian State, Parma #1, Genuine


(1.) 2-lines of shading between the point of the fleur-de-lys, and the outline of the central circle above it.
(2.) Each of the 3-tails of the fleur-de-lys has a line of shading in it.
(3.) The little cross on top of the crown touches the border above it exactly between the words "Stati" and "Parm".
(4.) The background behind the fleur-de-lys is formed by 57-horizontal lines.
(5.) The background behind the crown is formed by small black squares.
(6.) There is a white dot before Stati, between Stati and Parm, and after Parm, in the top panel.
(7.) Exp:do. Ref: Earee.

Parma Forgery

no forged stamps found