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Italian State, Romagna

Romagna Genuine

1859, Italian State, Romagna #3, Genuine


(1.) The 2 periods after BAI are square.
(2.) The top of the A of BAI is cut off perfectly square.
(3.) The thick back of the C of "franco" is quite pointed.
(4.) The front of the "P" of "postale" is quite pointed.
(5.) The tops and bottoms of all the "O"s in the words "franco", "bollo", and "postale" are flat.
(6.) In the word "Romagna", the upper right of the "R", the upper left and right and the lower left and right of the "O", and the upper left and the lower left of the "G" have little pieces bitten out of them.
(7.) The top and central arms of the "E" are of equal length, and the lower arm is longer.
(8.) In the ornament after "Bollo" in the upper right corner of the stamp, the upper right circle in the ornament is joined to the central circle without an outline between them. It is also lower than its partner on the left side of this ornament.
(9.) Exp: do. (10.) Ref: Rev. Earee.

1859, Italian State, Romagna #1, Reprint


(1.) Several of the little "Y's"between the circles in the corners of the stamp are defective.
(2.) Two of the dots outside the circles are missing, one at the upper right, the other at the lower right.
(3.) These are the features of the reprints.
(4.) Exp:do. Ref:Scott catalog.

Romagna Forgery

Forgery of Romagna #1


(1.) The top of the "A" of Bai is not square.
(2.) The back of the C of franco is not as pointed as the genuine.
(3.) The front of the letter "P" of "postale" is not as pointed as the genuine.
(4.) The "bitten out" pieces of the letters "R", "O" and "G" are not the same as the genuine.
(5.) The tops and bottoms of the "O"s are not as flat as the genuine.
(6.) The bottom arm of the "E" of Romagne is the same length as the top and central arms.
(7.) In the upper right ornament, the central circle and the upper right circle have an outline between them.
(8.) Exp: do. (9.) Ref: Rev. Earee.