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Serbia Genuine

1866, Serbia Scott #1, Genuine


(1.) Paper colored through.
(2.) 77 pearls around the central circle.
(3.) The upper spandrels contain 11 thick horizontal lines of background shading, the lowest ones only dots or missing,
(4.) The lower spandrels contain 13 similar lines.
(5.) There are 9 pearls in an arch over the crown.
(6.) The little cross over the crown is nearly upright and points to the right vertical stroke of the letter above it.
(7.) The letters of the upper inscription stand on the 2nd horizontal line from the top.
(8.) the letters of the value fit nicely between the 1st and 3rd lines from the bottom.
(9.) Exp: do. Ref: Earee

Serbia Forgery

Serbia, Greenish-gold Forgery of #1 described by Rev. Earee attributed by some specialists to Engelhart Fohl of Saxony produced in the 1880's.


(1.) Greenish-gold on very pale rose paper.
(2.) 71 pearls around the central circle instead of 77 as the genuine.
(3.) The upper inscription stands on the third line down instead of the second as the genuine.
(4.) The inscription of value is taller than the genuine fitting between the first and fourth lines instead of between the first and third lines.
(5.) The little cross over the crown is not vertically plumb as the genuine but tilts toward the right and points between the letters "N" and "o" of the upper inscription.
(6.) The frame around the large cross is made up of short dashes in oblong shapes not at all like the genuine.
(7.) Exp: do. Ref: Earee.